PLEASE SIGN - 15 Tibetans Have Self-Immolated; China Must Address Tibetan Grievances

Students For A Free Tibet

15 Tibetans Have Self-Immolated; China Must Address Tibetan Grievances

Three Tibetans, including a highly respected monk, have died after lighting themselves on fire in Chinese-occupied Tibet since 6 January 2012. Their demands, a clear rejection of Beijing's rule, called for freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the past year alone, 15 Tibetans have lit themselves on fire in an unprecedented wave of self-immolations following an escalation in China's repressive policies in Tibet. Please join people worldwide in standing with Tibetans at this critical time.

TAKE ACTION: Send the letter below demanding China end its repressive policies in Tibet and immediately address Tibetan grievances. Your letter will be sent to Sichuan Party Secretary Liu Qibao, Qinghai Party Secretary Qian Wei, Tibet Autonomous Region Party Secretary Chen Quanguo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi, and Vice-Minister Zhu Weiqun.


  • Yang Jiechi
  • Liu Qibao
  • Chen Quanguo
  • Qiang Wei
  • Zhu Weiqun

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it is unfair in a big sense , because victims being pushed far too far as av result of no support, no self-support possible (very unfair) , & bizarre because millions watch & know , but do not care enough to stop; but it has been pushed too far & not normal balance.

exactly the same on smaller scale , in cape town , elsewhere - recent strange psycho-abuses - normally would never have occurred.............


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